Why did/do we love Robin Williams

Why did/do we love Robin Williams

Last year when this amazingly talented actor died, world was in shock and it felt like we’ve lost a member of our family.
It’s like everyone was able to relate to him, his roles and everything he said or done. Robin was a person who made us both laugh and cry, so we are not quite sure if it’s alright to say that he was only a comedian.

He was everything, a funny guy, a bad guy, a romantic guy, a sad guy, everything one human can possibly be and he did it great. He was so convincing that every time he played someone audience was either in tears or laughing like crazy.
We loved him because you could see that he gave more than 100 percent in every movie and it all seemed natural, like he wasn’t acting at all. That’s how good he was.
We loved him because he was able to be the best comedian ever and at the same time one of the most talented dramatic actors in the world. He did make the mid-career switch when he decided he will do more dramatic roles, which was more than a great decision because he made us love him even more.

For so many times you could hear people say that behind the camera  he was a kind soul and someone who would always be there to help anyone.
Unfortunately he couldn’t help himself. He committed suicide last year on August 11 and left us all heartbroken.

World has lost one of the most amazing actors of all time, and even though we will never see him again, his movies are always there to remind us of what we’ve lost.




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