Husband gave his wife HALF of everything they had

Husband gave his wife HALF of everything they had

Divorce is never easy for anyone because you have to split from someone you loved. Sometimes divorce is not so stressful, but on the contrary can be very funny and entertaining. 
You have probably heard about those cases where estranged spouses have to split their things 50/50 in order to do it in a right way. In the end that is the best option, because everyone gets one half.

But then you have someone who takes this rule too seriously, like one man from Germany who literally cut all of their things in half. We will repeat again – LITERALLY.
We must admit that this man is really talented when it comes to cutting things, because he has done an amazing job. He destroyed everything quite methodically and he did it with every single thing.

Starting from their toy, teddy bear to their car and couch, he has sliced everything perfectly.
What is even funnier about this whole situation is that now he is selling his stuff online, on eBay where he explained how he had to split their belongings and he also mentioned that his wife Laura was unfaithful.

We are now wondering what Laura said about this, and what is even most important – What will she do with her HALF?
In case you don’t know what he is selling online, we will now give you the list, so if you are interested, you can always buy it:
1. Car
2. MacBook Air
3. Bike
4. Bed
5. Phone
6. Chairs
7. Stuffed animals
8. TV
There are more things, we just named you few.



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