Upcoming HBO Specials- Jerrod Carmichael, Pete Holmes, & TJ Miller

Upcoming HBO Specials- Jerrod Carmichael, Pete Holmes, & TJ Miller

The world of comedy is dense with voices and talents from all over. For HBO content, there are three top level comedians releasing specials on the platform in the near future. Let’s look at each.

Jerrod Carmichael:

Jerrod Carmichael has been a huge up-and-coming name as of late in the world of comedy, starting his career just eight years ago in 2008. The twenty-nine-year-old will step on the stage for his second HBO special, following his successful 2014 effort, ‘Love at the Store’. You may have also seen the comedian in his very own television series, ‘The Carmichael Show’.

Pete Holmes:

Podcast and standup extraordinaire, Pete Holmes is bringing together another wonderful standup show for HBO. You have likely seen him as a host on the Pete Holmes Show, and/or heard him on his extremely strong and successful podcast ‘You Made it Weird’. Holmes has created his own HBO series called’ Crashing’. Holmes has been a pillar in the standup arena for some time, and looks to continue his popularity with his newest HBO special.

TJ Miller:

One of comedy’s loudest voices, Miller can be seen and heard on many venues, and continues to build on a very successful and even surging comedy career. You have likely seen Miller on the big screen with performances in popular movies, such as ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’, ‘Deadpool’, and the ‘How to Train your Dragon’ series. You may also know Miller from his voice appearance in Yogi Bear in 2010. Miller is a significant part of the extremely successful HBO series ‘Silicon Valley’, and can be heard on the popular podcast ‘Cashing In with TJ Miller’.

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