George Carlin will be in National Comedy Museum

George Carlin will be in National Comedy Museum

Carlin was well known for his black comedy, his views on politics, English language, psychology, religion, and taboo subjects. One of his comic routines ‘Seven dirty words’ appeared in a Supreme Court case. The Grammy-winning stand-up comedian made appearances in TV shows and films. He is one the most influential and important stand-up comedians of all time. A regular on the Tonight show as well as hosting the first episode of Saturday Night Live, Carlin is beloved in the comedy circles.

"Everybody's gotta have a little place for their stuff. That's all life is about. Trying to find a place for your stuff." — George Carlin

Being a stalwart in the comedy arena, his addition to the National Comedy Museum comes as no surprise. Carlin passed away in 2008. Since then, his daughter Kelly Carlin has been the guardian of his ‘stuff’. He has left behind scrapbooks, arrest records, the pink slip to his first car, a Dodge Dart, VHS tapes and handwritten notes of ideas for his performances. Kelly Carlin announced at a private event that she would like to donate all of her father’s records to the National Comedy Museum.

Kelly Carlin says that when comedians would come over to the house they would be delighted to go through his work. The chief curator of the Museum says that this is the first big donation that the museum has received and they are delighted. Kliph Nesteroff says that, along with the exhibits of Carlin, they plan to create holograms of the forerunners of comedy.

The National Comedy Center is expected to open next year in Jamestown, New York. Jamestown is a city dedicated to comedy and was home to famous comedienne, Lucille Ball. It is the centre of an annual comedy festival, currently running in its 25th year.



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