Sometimes its better not to say a word

Sometimes its better not to say a word

I am known for my ‘’fails’’. Every day I do something stupid and funny, it is funny only for people near me, not for me! So, there are thousand funny events and even more events where I was embarrassed! This happened last month. Because I live in a small place, which is at the same tie resort for people with degenerative diseases, this event is even more serious.

I was sitting in a club with my friend and we commented AC/DC song TNT. I said that the beginning of that song reminds me of stepping on a midget. My friend looks at me and didn’t say a thing. I repeated that, just louder. Then, he told me to look behind me. There was a man with 1 meter of height! I was so ashamed! I went outside, my friend followed me, and I started yelling at him! I called him, fool, idiot and a retard! When I noticed that a woman, pushing in a wheelchair, her sick son! This meant there was something wrong with me! So I got on the bus and headed home.

While I was on the bus, one woman farted. Because it was an embarrassment, she started scraping with her fingernails on the glass, in order to repeat the sound! One man behind her told her ‘’Lady, you make the same sound, but you cannot make the same smell, by scratching glass’’. The women just laugh and stopped scratching. When I think about my day, it was full with embarrassment, but at least this last event made my day a bit funny!


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