The Comedian Behind Dapper Laughs Has Killed off the Comedy Character

The Comedian Behind Dapper Laughs Has Killed off the Comedy Character

It comes after his tour was cancelled and ITV dropped his TV show. The controversial Vine star has angered people after making jokes about rape and homelessness.

He said "It was a type of comedy he shouldn't have been doing".

He was due to start a 12 date tour in February but that was scrapped before the announcement.

The promoters SJM Concerts have announced that those who bought a ticket should "return to point of purchase for a refund".

The "Full Length" tour was due to visit England, Scotland and Wales.

His show at Cardiff was cancelled following a petition by around 700 students who didn't want him to perform at the university.

They said his act "trivialised rape and dehumanised women". Since then similar petitions about other tour dates have started to appear online.

Twenty-year-old student Zara Lindsay was behind one of them..

She said: "Lad culture is quite prevalent these days. It's especially bad on nights out with theme nights, drinking games and sports initiations. Plus there's a general feeling that sexual assault is something that you should just take on a night out.

"Having people like Dapper Laughs holding gigs here suggests that this is an OK attitude and that sends out the wrong message."

Yet another blow for the comic, was when a Swedish based clothing label Bjorn Borg announced they're ending their collaboration with him.

They said: "Sexist jokes are not in line with what the company stands for."

ITV announced that they won't be making another series of the show Dapper Laughs: On the Pull when a video was found of him making offensive jokes at a live show.


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